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Awards Categories & History
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Awards Categories and History

The Superlative Service Awards

Outstanding Personal Service - To recognize an individual for outstanding service in promoting pollution prevention and the reduction of hazardous components in municipal waste streams, and otherwise promoting the tenets of NAHMMA's mission statement throughout North America. A

Programs Awards

Program Excellence - To recognize an outstanding program which addresses household and CESQG hazardous waste management at the state or local level, promotes pollution prevention, reduction of hazardous components in municipal waste streams and NAHMMA's mission statement.

Medium Program -

City of Spokane, WA (2006)

Longstanding Program Excellence - For programs that have been in service for 20 years and have consistently gone above and beyond to help their community and this profession. Award winners: Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County (2005)

Large Program - Hennepin County, MN (2006)

Medium Program - KCMO Regional Program (2006)

Program Innovation - To recognize unique and effective innovations in either HHW or CESQG services, including best recycling/reuse strategies and/or best documented hazard reduction.

Small Program -

Winona County HHW Program (2006) 

Medium Program -

Pinellas County Utilities (2006)

Large Program -

County of Santa Clara, Dept. of Env. Health (2006)

Best Education/Public Outreach Program - To recognize the program with the best education/public outreach campaign implemented during the past year.

Award winners:

Policy Awards

Outstanding Policy Advancement - To recognize the best, most innovative, or forward moving policy enacted at the federal, state, local, or product-category level over the past year that best addresses NAHMMA's mission statement. Award winners: IRAC - Interagency Resource for Achieving Cooperation (2005), Dane County and Madison WI (2004), San Francisco CA Department of the Environment (2003), Basel Action Network (2002), NEWMOA - Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (2001)

Public/Private Partnership To recognize companies, government agencies, non profit groups and political entities that have worked together as partners to accomplish a goal that is supportive of the mission of NAHMMA and it's members and chapter.

Government:  e-Cycle St. Louis (2006)

Gov./Non-Profit:  Washtenaw County Home Toxics Reduction Program (2006)

Gov./Private:  City of Aurora, CO Environ. Aurora Team (2006)

Product or Process Awards

Outstanding Product - To recognize a consumer product that best exemplifies the tenets of NAHMMA's mission statement; i.e., pollution prevention, reduction of hazardous waste components in municipal waste streams, etc. Award winners:  LHWMP in King County, WA (2006), Environmental Distribution Network Portable SafeWash (2005), Dunn-Edwards ReCover Paint (2004)

Outstanding Reformulation Award - To recognize the most significant reformulation of a consumer product to reduce its toxicity or hazardous components.  Award Winners:   PharmEcology Associates, LLC (2006)

CESQG P2 - To recognize the best or most innovative example of pollution prevention for or by CESQGs. Awards winners: Florida's SQG/CESQG Verification Program (2006), MIRT - Medical Industry Waste Prevention Roundtable & Honorable Mention to King County's Mercury Switch Removal Project in Fleets (2005), Florida METRA - Metropolitan Environmental TRaining Alliance (2004), San Francisco CA Department of the Environment (2003), Alameda County CA & Riverside County CA (2001)

Emeritus Members - To recognize an individual for outstanding service in promoting pollution prevention and the reduction of hazardous components in municipal waste streams, and otherwise promoting the tenets of NAHMMA's mission statement throughout North America.  They are also former NAHMMA Board Members and no longer in the industry.  Award Winner:  Jan Kleman (2006)

The Fun Awards (a.k.a. the "golden bung" awards)

Pickled Skunk Brains - To recognize the most unusual item received at an HHW or CESQG collection service. Award winners: Sedgwick County HHW (2006), City of Tallahassee FL (2005), City of Yuma AZ (2004), Monroe County IN (2003), Marion County FL (2002), Novato Sanitary Disctrict CA (2001)

Picric Acid - To recognize the most explosive situation at an HHW or CESQG collection service in the past year. Award winners: The Bulb Lady (2006), Kansas City Regional HHW Program (2005), Sarasota County FL (2004), Kansas City Regional HHW Program (2003), Kern County CA (2002), Kern County CA (2001)

Picturesque - Given to the program with the best photo of an event with the most unique or creative occurrence. Award winners: Maine Environ Depot LLC (2006), Sedgwick County KS (2005), King County WA Rehab the Lab (2004), Pinellas County FL (2003), City of Tempe AZ (2002), City of Tempe AZ (2001)

Strange Occurrence - Given to the program best documenting strange, unexpected events at an HHW or CESQG collection.

 Award winners:  KC LHWMP (2006), Metro Waste Authority IA (2004), Yuma Area HHW Facility (2003), Delaware Solid Waste Authority (2002), City of Tempe (2001)

Still on the Shelf - Given to the program documenting unexpected items still on a shelf at an HHW or CESQG Collection:  Award winners:  Grays Harbor, WA (2006)

Awards Nominations

Leaders in Product Stewardship  - To recognize a key program of a business association or individual product manufacturer which promotes product stewardship in line with NAHMMA's mission statement. Award winners: Washington State (2006), Snohomish County, WA and Benjamin Moore and Company (2003), Scott Cassel & Product Stewardship Institute & Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation (2002), Castrol North America & Metro Portland OR (2001)

Award winners: Xanterra Yellowstone Mobile Propane Bottle Recycler (2005), Clark County WA and Clark County Sheriffs Office (2004), Mesa County CO Solid Waste Management (2003), Snohomish County Solid Waste Management Division’s Take it Back Network (2002), Boise City and Ada County, ID Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program (2001)

Large Program -

Orange County, FL (2006)

Hometown Hero - Given to the individuals who simply knocked themselves out to put on a national conference that reflects the shared values of NAHMMA and any local chapters or partners. Award winners:  Dee Johnson, Debbie Figoni, Debbie Raphael, Mersina Purlantov, Kreigh Hampel, Amy Garden, Ionie Wallace, Larry Sweetser, Cherri Taylor, California Department of Toxic Substances Control, California Integrated Waste Management Board (2007), Teresa Gilbertson, Linda Countryman, Amy Roering, Bill Leonard and Marie Olaes (2006), Andy Torres & Lindsay Spencer & Larry Holyoke & Dave Galvin (2005), Irene Gleason & Glen Perrigan (2004), Kolin Anglin, Bill Lewry, Mollie Mangerich & Betsy Livingston (2003), Ingrid Dierlam-McDonald & Sue Phillips & Jack Ranney (2002), Jim Quinn & Abby Bourdouris & Katie Dowdall (2001)

Outstanding Member Contribution - To be used at the discretion of the NAHMMA Board of Directors to recognize an individual member or member organization who has made significant contributions to NAHMMA. Award winners:  Bill Lewry & Rob D'Arcy (2007), Kelby Neal & Liz Tennant (2006), Teresa Gilbertson & Cheryl Fentress (2005), Scott Cassell (2003), Scott Cassel (2002), Ron Unger (2001)

President's Award for Special Service to NAHMMA - To be used at the discretion and sole decision of the President to honor a member who has uniquely contributed to the organization. Award winners: Amy Cabaniss & Dave Nightingale (2007), Pam Bergstrand & Sue Bruning (2004), Pam Bergstrand (2003), Ray Carveth (2002)

Award winners: Sedgwick County KS (2005), Crow Wing County MN (2004), Kansas City MO Regional HHW Program (2003), Jefferson County FL (2002), Medocino Solid Waste Management Authority CA and Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority NJ (2001)

Most Inspiring Member - This is a great place to recognize a member that has been an inspiration for our profession.  This could be in the form of speaker or public voice/presenter/networker or other category.  Award Winners:  Sue Bruning (2007) 

Outstanding Service to our Industry - This is a great place to recognize individuals or organizations that have done a great deal for this industry but do not fit into any of the other award categories. Award winners: Eric Laut (2007), Sue Bruning (2006), Dave Waddell (2005) 

Agents of Change - To recognize individuals or groups that push the envelope of change. This is an excellent place to recognize those that bring new concerns or issues to the profession so they can be dealt with before they become major problems for our communities. Award winners: Dave Waddell (2007), Santa Clara County, CA (2006), Michael Kaufmann & Alice Cords & Stephen Becker & Laurel Tomchick (2005)

ward winners: Jim Reece (2007), Western Lake Superior Sanit. Dist. Manatee County, FL (2006) Ray Carveth (2005), Raoul Clarke (2004), Jim Quinn (2003), Jim Quinn (2002), Sharon Dowell (2001) 

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