NAHMMA Policy Statement on Product Stewardship and Chemical Policy Reform

March, 2011

At the February 2010 Board Workshop, NAHMMA finalized an important statement of the organization’s position on chemicals policy reform and product stewardship. The statement focuses on “upstream” solutions to the problems posed by hazardous products in the municipal wastestream.  Because we work to address the impacts on public health and the environment of hazardous waste from homes and small businesses, NAHMMA as an organization is in a unique position to promote these two important policy issues, and in particular on the way the two policy approaches working in tandem can have a substantial impact on the products we manage in our programs.

NAHMMA Policy Statement on Chemicals Policy Reform and Product Stewardship (Summary)

NAHMMA Policy Statement on Chemicals Policy Reform and Product Stewardship (Full Text)

The Committee encourages all NAHMMA members to become familiar with these two issues and NAHMMA’s position on them, and then to advocate for changes through your own organization.  If you would like to get involved with the Policy Committee and help strategize on next steps, contact Jim Quinn,