About NAHMMA - Overview

The North America Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) is a professional organization established in November of 1993, dedicated to pollution prevention and reducing the hazardous constituents entering municipal waste streams from households, small businesses and other entities that may be exempt from local, regional or national regulations.

Our hope is to create a membership-based, professional organization that unites the diverse entities that influence or have an interest in hazardous components of municipal waste streams (product manufacturers, government regulators, provincial, state and local waste management programs, waste handling businesses, non-profit environmental organizations and others) in an active, engaging association that promotes information sharing and cooperative problem solving. We strive to build consensus and foster public/private cooperation, and advance education, foster communication, encourage policy development, recognize exemplary programs and provide professional development opportunities.

NAHMMA is governed by a Board of Directors elected from and by its membership according to the by-laws. The Board reflects the diverse membership by representing the four categories equally, with one additional "at large" member. The Board is responsible for the affairs of the corporation and sets the policies and direction for NAHMMA, with input from NAHMMA members, committees, supporters and NAHMMA staff.

The association has over 400 members, 10 regional chapters, and hosts an annual conference. NAHMMA conducts specialized training for hazardous materials managers and technicians at its annual conference and through its regional chapters.

Mission Statement
Strategic Plan